This is an archive page for a digital artifact: yEAh Games Discord server export (2022).

TITLE: "yEAh Games Discord server export (2022)"
DESCRIPTION: "A full export of the yEAh Games Discord server from December 2022. Includes media, messages, reactions, and more. Exports happen yearly"
ITEM SERIALS:  D0003–dir-1;  D0003–png-1;
DATE: 2022-12-15 00:00:00 +0000
DATE ARCHIVED: 2023-04-05
TYPE: Digital [D]
ARCHIVE STATUS: All items in this artifact have been properly uploaded and archived [complete].
SERIES: Discord exports;
KEYWORDS: discord; html; export; directory;
NOTES: "In directory 1, there are both folders and HTML files. The folders contain all the media (images, videos, etc.) from each channel. The HTML files embed the media into their appropriate messages and display everything in a styled format, similar to the Discord UI. Both the folders and HTML files are named after the channel ID (to get the channel ID, turn on developer mode and right click on a channel). Note that the folders are quite large, so downloading is not recommended."
SUBMITTER: @nnillat
ARCHIVIST: @nnillat


Directory 1
Image 1