This is an archive page for a digital artifact: Archive of all yEAh Encyclopedia pages.

TITLE: "Archive of all yEAh Encyclopedia pages"
DESCRIPTION: "An archive of all yEAh Encyclopedia pages. After the deprecation of the yEAh Games Encyclopedia (documented on, the yEAh Archive Team decided to ensure the already-published pages weren't lost forever. Includes all media and pages from the Encyclopedia, viewable in Markdown files."
ITEM SERIALS:  D0005–md-1;  D0005–md-2;  D0005–md-3;  D0005–dir-1;  D0005–png-1;  D0005–png-2;  D0005–png-3;
DATE: 2023-02-25 00:00:00 +0000
DATE ARCHIVED: 2023-04-05
TYPE: Digital [D]
ARCHIVE STATUS: All items in this artifact have been properly uploaded and archived [complete].
SERIES: Artifact is not part of any series.
KEYWORDS: encyclopedia; html; download; directory; multimedia; markdown;
NOTES: "Directory 1 contains the media, while the markdown files contain the pages (with the embedded media) from the encyclopedia."
SUBMITTER: @yeahgames
ARCHIVIST: @nnillat


Markdown 1
Markdown 2
Markdown 3
Directory 1
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Image 2
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